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Films continue until 14 April, 2013

Now showing at Joondalup Pines: The Patience Stone

Now showing at Somerville: I Wish

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Perth International Arts Festival will be an explosion of energy, filling venues from concert halls and theatres to disused buildings and parks. It will inspire and engage the largest possible proportion of the community; from satisfying existing audiences with world-class artists and repertoire to engaging those who do not traditionally engage with arts festivals, using accessible programming and participation. A program of international and regional artistic exchanges will nurture the arts roots of the region whilst the annual Festival will draw the arts world's greatest talent.

We will commission and program world class artists to present contemporary work of the highest quality. International artists will see it as the place to create their best work and emerging artists will be enriched by their connection with it. 

We will bring to Perth the art of the unexpected, disrupting the city, using temporary transformation to bring about permanent change, and allowing us to see our surroundings and lives with fresh clarity.

We will unlock the contemporary and traditional stories and the talent of Western Australia. Artistic exchanges, international and regional commissioning, workshops will strengthen the arts sector of the region and so raise the global profile of Western Australia.

We will involve the people of Perth and beyond as active collaborators in the Festival in order to influence, shape and create irresistible events. We will continue to use free work and innovative ticket pricing to remove financial barriers, we will use digital work to remove time barriers and work in public spaces will remove the physical barriers.

Through these strands of work we will make the Perth International Arts Festival an international event for absolutely everyone in celebration of its position as the longest running arts festival in Australia and its location in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Jonathan Holloway
Artistic Director